You’ve uploaded that photograph to your WordPress website. And being a savvy photographer, you probably didn’t put your subject right in the middle of the frame. Maybe you used the rule of thirds, or the golden ratio, or otherwise created a nice composition where the subject is to the side (or above or below) the middle. And then you upload that photo to WordPress. And then WordPress crops it for a thumbnail image, and crops right to the middle, awkwardly cutting your subject in two. Oops. My Eyes Are Up Here Thankfully, there’s a WordPress plugin that can help. My Eyes Are Up Here allows you to set a center point for thumbnail cropping. It includes the ability to (attempt) facial recognition which is an obvious use case, but you can also set the focus point manually. Let’s explain with some screenshots. We’re going to use this image for demonstration with a portrait: I’ve uploaded it to WordPress. You’ll see a new section below the standard title/alt/caption fields… but as you can see, the default thumbnail is going chop Kiersi mid-face. WordPress Face Detection Let’s find her face, since that makes sense as a thumbnail image. Click the Face Detection button, and it does a good job
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