WordPress is 12 years old and it impacts 25% of the internet (the www). The incredible success of this CMS, in particular, is owed exclusively to its community which has been so generous and kind in making WordPress what it is today. I mean it is quite a rare gesture where people have submitted their contributions in the form of numerous freebies like themes, plugins, frameworks, etc. This is one strong reason why we find many geeks who want their names to get associated with WordPress in one way or the other. Throughout these 12 years, the growth of WordPress didn’t come to a halt and with every passing year, the list of extraordinary people working with WordPress keeps getting longer. I am creating a list of WordPress influencers that I followed in 2015 and suggest everyone to do the same. Matt Mullenweg How can I not start with the man himself who is the reason behind all this discussion? I’m talking about Matt Mullenweg (@photomatt), the founder of WordPress. It was Matt who actually developed this CMS which has overtaken more than 24% of the websites globally. He is the founder and CEO of Automattic and WordCamp which is now reputed as the international platform to acknowledge
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