WordPress recently reached the massive milestone of powering 25% of the web. We’ve seen WordPress grow massively in popularity, and all signs point to its continued success. While we know much of this growth by volume comes from blogs, we also know many high profile sites run on WordPress. But how popular is WordPress in the enterprise? What kinds of sites are running on WordPress? To explore these questions, we surveyed thousands of agencies in our partner network about how their WordPress work has changed over the past few years, as well as how they think their WordPress work will continue to evolve. We found some interesting trends indicating bigger, more important sites are being powered by WordPress, and that WordPress isn’t just gaining popularity among blogs, but is making strides in the enterprise as well. Some of the themes we saw: 1) The number and size of WordPress sites is growing 60% of those surveyed say their WordPress budgets have increased over the past year. 8% even say that the budgets of their WordPress projects have doubled or more than doubled in the past year! 50% say the percentage of their projects that are WordPress has increased in the last year, with 40%
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