A four second delay on your website can slash the number of visits by half. We experienced this first-hand a year ago. And it’s not just us; the web is full of articles on this subject, like the case study on Unbounce that discovered that a 2-second delay at any single step of a 5-step transaction increased the abandonment rate by up to 60%. Unlike malware, that’s easily detected with tools like our our security check, performance drops are much harder to detect and require constant attention. You need to be proactive and vigilant. That’s why we decided to help by building the performance check for Orion. Orion Performance Check If you’re already a ManageWP user, you know how this tool works: the performance check runs the analysis using the Google PageSpeed and Yahoo! YSlow ruleset. It gives you an overall grade, as well as the breakdown of the factors that affect your website speed. For each element you get a recommendation how to improve your score. Another great feature is the timeline of the requests and responses. Get into the gritty details and figure out how to fix the website speed. ..or just nod your head thoughtfully, without any idea how to fix it – like the rest of us.
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