So an Irishman, an American, and a hell of a lot of french people walk into a bar … but wait … I’m getting ahead of myself here let’s start at the beginning. (TL;DR? Un ou deux images de WPTech 2015) Saturday saw WPTech coming to town. For those of you not aware it’s an unofficial WordPress conference run here in Nantes. It’s a one day event and this is the second year it has been running. With the birth of my son last year I completely forgot it was on for 2014. This year I made sure to book in advance and I even booked myself in for the afters party. As with a lot of these conferences it had an early 8am start at least for registration and getting your name badges. I arrived fashionably late ( in fairness at that hour of the morning I’ve no idea when I arrived but it wasn’t for 8AM. Thankfully it was a brisk morning and the promised fog didn’t make an appearance. For me … big problems ensued … I didn’t recognise anyone!!! I’m also not fluent in French and small talk really doesn’t come easily to me. Though I suspect a lot of people were in the same boat. Not wanting to look completely lost I proceeded to get a few nice snaps of the place and made use of the staircase to get a better
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