Hello everyone, I am really happy to announce today the introduction of 1-Click Demo Links. What are 1-Click Demo Links? As the name suggests they are links that allow you to generate a sandbox with a specific plugin/theme pre-installed so that it can be tested, risk-free. For free. So how does it work? All you have to do is provide a standard HTML link like these examples: For plugins: https://addendio.com/try-plugin/?slug=my-plugin-slug For themes: https://addendio.com/try-theme/?slug=my-theme-slug Simply replace the bold text with the slug of the plugin/theme you want to preview. Which plugins/themes work with 1-Click Demo Links? Currently all free plugins and themes from the WordPress repository can make use of 1-Click Demo Links. I am the author of a free plugin/theme in the WordPress repository. Can I add it to my Readme.txt file? Not only you can, but you should! We suggest you to place your 1-Click Demo Link in the initial lines so that the users can immediately try out your product. This is the format needed for the Readme.txt file (just replace the text in bold with the one for your plugin). [Try My-Plugin-Name Demo Now!] (https://addendio.com/try-plugin/?slug=my-plugin-slug
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