Last year marked our second full year in business, since our founding in December 2013. Starting a web hosting business is incredibly hard in an industry driven by large conglomerates with huge marketing budgets. However, we have succeeded and will have 7 figures of revenue this year, and we are growing exponentially. Thank you to all the customers that have gotten us this far and will help us continue to grow. Customers from 62 countries spread across 6 continents have trusted us with their hard-earned money. We do not have any customers from Antarctica yet, but we haven’t given up! A Few Numbers 11 Global Data Centers Via 4 Providers 5 Billion HTTP Requests Served Per Month 75 TB Egress Data Transfer Per Month Hundreds of VPSs and Nearly 1000 CPUs Many Sites With 10+ Million Uniques Per Month Recently we acquired several notable clients such as Swagway, whom we helped save from a hosting disaster on Cyber Monday. Latest Technology We were among the first WordPress hosts (if not the first) that offered HHVM support on their plans. HHVM still provides better performance and because of this we prefer using it whenever possible on every site hosted here, instead of standard PHP. Our Growth
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