We’ve come a long way since the first WordCamp in 2006 in San Francisco. In 2015, 89 WordCamps were held in 34 countries with over 21,000 attendees total. That’s just WordCamps alone. There were 2,000 other meetups around the world attended by 40,000 people.

Over the past few years, WordPress has seen a rise in niche conferences. And, as WordPress grows to be more dynamic, they will likely continue to gain popularity.

Here are five niche conferences to look out for in 2016.


The WordPress REST API has gained momentum over last year and will be fully merged in core in 2016. This means that there’s a new technology to learn. For anyone with questions on the new API, or for users just excited to try it out, the first WP REST API conference, appropriately named A Day of REST, will be held on Jan. 28 in London.

Speakers all have direct experience with the API and are the perfect resource for anyone wanting to learn. Lectures include Ryan McCue from Human Made, Jack Lenox from Automattic, Kathleen Vignos from Wired, and more.

The day after the lectures, you can apply what you’ve learned at Hack Day. Tickets are still on sale, but they’re going fast, so reserve your spot today.


PressNomics is “the conference for those that power the WordPress economy.” This involves people creating services and products that are helping to grow the financial side of WordPress.

The 2016 PressNomics will be held in Tempe, Ariz. on March 3-4. The schedule and speakers list haven’t been confirmed, but there will be a healthy mix of learning and relaxation. Tickets are on sale, and you can purchase tickets for golf or another cultural event on March 3.

Keep checking the site for updates.


If you love eCommerce, then WooConf is the niche event for you. Hosted by WooCommerce, it’s a great chance to learn, network, and have a great time talking about all things eCommerce.

The conference will be held April 6-8 in Austin. The speakers list includes Matt Mullenweg, Miracle Wanzo, Chris Lema, Juan Benitez and more.

If you’re interested in attending, enter to win the Golden Ticket, and get a round-trip flight, hotel accommodations, and s conference ticket.

Prestige Conference

Anyone interested in career development should check out Prestige Conference. The event aims to equip entrepreneurs, small businesses, and freelancers the tools to succeed. Whether you’ve been working in WordPress for a decade or are still kicking around business ideas, you’ll learn something and make great connections.

The conference features sessions by Eric Johnson, Jason Cohen, Jennifer Bourn, and more.

Prestige will be held in Minneapolis on May 24-25.


Calling all developers, LoopConf is coming in 2016. Not much is known about this year’s conference but it’s safe to assume that it will be similar to last year’s event. The conference had a lot of praise last year for the professional quality of the speakers, venue, and other attendees. It’s a place to really dig in and get to know other developers. Though it’s a great opportunity to network and learn new things, it’s more about making new friends.

Last year brought in 210 attendees, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it draws even more in 2016. It will be held in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Oct. 5-7. No speakers are secured yet, but organizers are looking for sponsors.

These are just a five niche conferences to look out for in 2016. Are we missing any? Feel free to add any niche conferences you’re looking forward to in 2016!

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