Lately I’ve been struggling internally to come to terms with not doing something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. That something is building WordPress software products. You see, I’ve got the entrepreneurial spirit/bug in me. Ever since I was in high school I’ve pursued many different business opportunities, some with more success than others. But, I’ve never “made it” as an entrepreneur. The closest I’ve come to “making it” was running my own consultancy for a couple of years, but I landed up taking a full time job after it got too hectic. The WordPress opportunity Right now, there is so much opportunity in the WordPress space to build and sell products. My body is itching to get involved by build plugins/extensions and starting a business around them. You’ve probably seen the many WP developers that over the past few years have built up plugin businesses and done really well. Guys like Pippin, WP Ninjas, Elliot Condon, more recently Calum Allison, and so many more. Deep down inside, I’ve been quite envious of them. So the question is, why don’t I start a business like that? I mean, I can write the code required and I have a TON of ideas and free plugins that I could easily
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