A/B testing is an essential part of web development. There is a reason why everyone does it — it increases site conversions. It used to be that this vital step to increase your sales, get more sign up, email optins or whatever your site is trying to do was difficult and costly. Ingot made A/B testing so easy and affordable, you have no excuse to leave money or your client’s money on the table. You are not perfect, but you are smart. Work smarter with Ingot A/B testing. Today Ingot got even more awesome, more powerful and easier to use. Ingot 1.1.0, which is available today introduces an exciting new feature called “destination testing.” This new version also includes many minor bug fixes, and a more streamlined user-interface, as well as better tracking for conversions and failed conversions. Introducing Destination Testing Headlines for your site are super important. In one sentence or less, you need to define your product and why customers need it. Doing that right, is hard. Getting it perfect when you only have to get it perfect once, and have no data to prove you are right or wrong is impossible. Luckily automated A/B testing lets you try out many options and find the best one based
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