Hey everyone! I want to introduce my good friend, Ariel. Ariel is a blogger and a regular around the Portland WordPress scene. She wrote up a great article for us about using Beaver Builder with ManageWP. It’s a real powerhouse combo. We love ManageWP’s service (and their community news aggregator is really cool too). Anyways, I’ll her take it from here. – Robby How many time as this happened to you? You land a web design gig (yay), it’s one where they need everything done from scratch. Next, you start going through the motions. Installing WP, then installing a theme, and then you start installing plugins. Not to mention all the time that will go into actually designing the website. I remember those days. It felt like even just a simple site set up took more than an hour to do. It was boring, time-consuming, and necessary. Quickly I thought to myself, “There has to be a better way.” Well, I’m happy to tell you, there is, and it nothing short of glorious. Beaver Builder + ManageWP = Yaysome Feelings Okay, okay. I know ‘yaysome’ is not a word, but it should be because it perfectly describes the happy awesomeness that solves this pain point. Marrying Beaver Builder with ManageWP in your
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