There’s a lot of excitement in the WordPress community about the REST API. We’ll be sending a couple representatives to the Day of REST conference coming up at the end of January, and I’ve been long-overdue to do a deep-dive in to the REST API: preparing for the conference is a great excuse. With a couple weeks off over the holidays, I took the opportunity to build something with the REST API. Naturally with the parallel excitement (and mandate) for JavaScript, I wanted to build something for WordPress’s single page application: the Customizer. Inspired in part by Daniel Bachhuber’s A more RESTful WP-CLI project, I set out to make a more RESTful Customizer and came up with the Customize REST Resources plugin. A more RESTful WP-CLI seeks “unlock the potential of the WP REST API at the command line” in that “all WP REST API endpoints registered via plugins and themes will automagically be usable as WP-CLI commands”. In the same way, Customize REST Resources begins to unlock the potential of the WP REST API in the Customizer by automatically creating settings and controls for all REST resources that are used on a given page. In this way, anything developed for the REST API should automatically
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