The nature of our business is change, and in our opinion we're on the cusp of another major change. The technology landscape is in constant motion, none more so than web technology: what is favored today can quickly become yesterday's legacy. In our capacity as developers, strategists and Virtual CTOs we keep vigilant for emerging technologies. We watch with intense interest for events which herald future technology directions, not only for services we initiate today, but for the environments in which they may have to operate years from now. In our opinion, the average web technology project should achieve a minimum of 2 years viability, with an ideal lifespan of 3-5 years. With this in mind, you don't want to be the last company investing in a project built on yesterday's technology. In their latest release, WordPress has initiated an approach that might signal a huge shift in the technology that powers much of the Internet. Bellwether events in technology Something we have found important to look for are those bellwether events when technologies combine and find mainstream adoption. These are easy to recognize in hindsight, yet not always so contemporaneously. They are often a collection
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