Sometimes things happen on a page that you can’t figure out. You click on a link and nothing happens; you submit a form and a modal pops up. Something is happening in JavaScript, but you can’t figure out where. Enter, once again, the Chrome Developer Tools. Let’s say we have a link on the page that when clicked, instead of taking us to the URL in its href attribute, throws error messages all over the page randomly. A quick search all of your codebase returns no clear clues towards what script could be causing it. There are either too many references to the link to filter through, or nothing that seems to point directly to this link. We need to check what events are bound to this DOM node. To do this, open up Chrome on the page, right click on the element, and click “Inspect Element.” This opens up the familiar Chrome Developer Tools. Hopefully you are already familiar with the basics here, inspecting elements and their styles, and basic JavaScript debugging (if you aren’t do yourself a favor and do a bit of looking around and look up some tutorials!). What interests us now is the “Event Listeners” tab on the right in the elements screen (which should be the screen that opens when you
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