A Day of REST, a conference focused entirely around the REST API, was held yesterday at Conway Hall in London. According to event organizer Petya Raykovska, 221 people from all over the world attended the conference.

“We had representatives from many WordPress companies —  Automattic, 10up, XWP, required, Alley Interactive, Pragmatic, and Inpsyde,” Raykovska told Torque. “We also had representatives from big-name clients like the New York Times, Time Inc. UK, Condé Nast, and more.”

A follow-up survey went out late last night to gain feedback on the conference.

“The feedback we’ve been getting has been great so far — people loved the depth of the conference, the balance of the schedule, and both detailed information on the API and practical talks on how big companies are using it,” Raykovska said.

Based on the survey, the conference was mostly a “developer and designer crowd with a higher than average knowledge of WordPress.” Of the 25 percent that responded to the survey so far, most attendees were WordPress developers, followed by PHP devs and JavaScript devs, respectively:

  • 41 percent WordPress developers
  • 27 percent PHP developers
  • 21 percent JavaScript developers
  • 12 percent other

The dev-centric event nearly sold out this year and 79 percent of attendees indicated that they would definitely come back next year. This is great news considering plans for the next Day of REST conference are already underway. Raykovska told Torque that the next one will likely take place in the United States.

“We, as organizers, are extremely happy with how the event went and we’re looking forward to organizing more in-depth advance development focused conferences.”

A Day of REST was put together by Human Made with help from writer, Siobhan McKeown.

The quality of the speakers at A Day of REST was extraordinary — each brought with them real-life experience with the REST API. Check in with Post Status over the next few weeks for videos of the sessions.

Did you attend A Day of REST? What was your favorite part? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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