Commenting has proved to be one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to a website or a blog. Especially, when you need to get more subscribers for your newly launched WordPress blog, commenting can get good traffic and help in turning the traffic into subscribers. Moreover, remember that an active community plays a crucial role in differentiating your site from other common sites. Most importantly, an interactive site/blog has higher chances to grow in comparison to other websites over the web. And, in order to create a lively community, it’s important to get more and more users to comment on your posts or pages. However, the WordPress default commenting system is too simple and does not help add advanced functionality. Thankfully, some great comment plugins help manage WordPress comments in an enhanced manner. Let us talk about five great plugins that can help in improving the WP comment system: If you would like to display the count of how many times a user has commented on your posts/pages, then you should consider using the Admin Commenters Comments Count plugin. It helps in showing how many times a commenter has posted a comment alongside their name in the admin panel. Key
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