Sooner or later, you’ll likely feel the need to make changes in your WordPress theme. The best thing is that you can edit your theme directly from the admin panel. Essentially, WordPress comes with a built-in editor, called as the “Theme Editor” that help edit files from your browser online. However, you can even make changes to your theme by editing your WordPress core files stored on your computer. And, once you’ve made the required changes to the website template, you just need to upload them to your website using an FTP client. A simple piece of advice: avoid editing the core files of your WordPress install since you can’t undo the changes made and written into the files (except for the case when you have stored a back up of all your files somewhere). Through this post, I will help you understand the process of editing your website theme as well as PHP files from your WordPress install admin menu. Note: I will be using WordPress and WP interchangeably throughout the post. But Before Proceeding Let us look at a few easy-to-follow and important tips you must take into consideration when making any edits to your WordPress files: • Create a BackUp: Make sure to create a backup of your
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