What? Another WordPress page builder post? I already wrote one of those, didn’t I? Yes, I did, but stay with me, because in 6 months, a lot can change. In WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builders Are Evolving, I compared six (6) drag and drop page builder plugins. During that comparison, * (PBS) caught my attention as a possible favorite, but I was hesitant. Since then, PBS has been completely rewritten and changed direction, but that’s a good thing. I’ve been keeping an eye on the progress, and although still in beta, I think now is a good time test it again. In addition, another new plugin from CPOThemes – * – has come to my attention so I want to test it as well. Front End Page Builder vs. Front End Page Builder – See which one fits your style best, expect the occasional beta bugginess, but in the end, I think both are amazing. Front End Page Builders Are Important Both Page Builder Sandwich and Forge are Front End Page Builders. This, in my opinion, matters a lot. I know there are developers out there that look down on page builders in general, and front end page builders specifically. Why? Job insecurity, maybe? They’ll usually say that users shouldn’t have such tools
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