Happytables is proud to start 2016 by welcoming Aaron Jorbin as the new Chief Technology Officer where he will lead product and engineering. In this role, Aaron will be working to build off the success Happytables has seen while also expanding the scope of offerings to restaurant operators. “Aaron’s leadership in open source engineering is quite proven,” said Noel Tock, Happytables Founder and CEO. “but I’m also excited for the knowledge and experience he brings from his entire career. ” Aaron brings experience in data based applications and online publishing, positioning Happytables for some exciting innovation. Aaron is core committer to WordPress, the open source software underlying Happytables and has spoken at conferences throughout the world. Most recently, he was technical architect at Conde Nast where he worked on relaunches for top brands including WIRED, The New Yorker, and Vogue and also led the migration of multiple high traffic sites onto cloud based hosting. Previously Aaron held roles at Privia Health and AddThis (acquired by Oracle in 2016) focusing on the presentation of multiple varying data sources. “I’m excited to work with the entire Happytables team to solve the
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