Great websites aren’t just about aesthetics anymore! We’re living in an age of internet where a great website means it’s responsive, SEO-optimised, and most importantly fast. Though if you’re curious about which website building platform will win the battle to rule them all, look nowhere else than at the speediest one. Products need to be able to quickly load on different devices, handhelds and wearables and that’s why it’s not surprising that Google encourages the faster loading websites by giving them a higher ranking than competitors and also penalises the slow or laggy websites in search results. In this article I’m going to explain two major speed measurement standards Google Page Speed Insights and GTmetrix, the factor they both consider when assessing and benchmarking websites and the best practices to improve them in your WordPress-based website. I will also provide a list of how major WordPress themes compare against it in the market now. Before you decide to take any actions for optimizing your page for either of these two tests, it’s crucial to know the basic concepts about how they work. Google PageSpeed Insights measures the performance of a page through a double-fetch
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