Site loading speed now plays a huge role in online success. Major search engines take site loading speed into their algorithms in order to determine rankings. That’s not it! High speed websites are also reported to have a higher conversion rate as well. This is especially true in case of e-commerce websites. Users too appreciate pages that load faster and enjoy surfing on them longer. If you have a website powered by WordPress, here’s something that will help you speed up your WP website in no time. Reduce HTTP requests In simple words, the number of files necessary to display your website should be reduced. When a visitor lands on your website, many files including CSS, images and JavaScript library references have to be loaded on to the visitor’s browser. More the number of files, more time it will take to load them. Certain WordPress plugins load extraneous CSS in your website code. This can further increase the size of your page without you actually knowing it. Eliminate unnecessary things especially code. Have a manual check if possible on the plugin codes. Optimize Images Images can take forever to load especially when the user connection is slow. So, reduce the size of images
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