I just migrated woorkup.com over to HTTPS and it now benefits from HTTP/2 performance and the slight SEO ranking factor from Google. I wrote a complete guide on how to migrate from HTTP to HTTPS that you should definitely check out. I have used this myself 30+ times now and works great. There is one section I didn’t fully cover in there and that is migrating Disqus comments over. So follow the steps below on how to migrate Disqus comments to HTTPs. Migrate Disqus Comments to HTTPS This tutorial assumes you have already migrated to HTTPS and just need to know what to do next with Disqus. Step 1 First head over to the Disqus admin area and click into “Migration Tools” on the left-hand side. Step 2 For an HTTPS migration we are going to use the “Start URL Mapper.” Step 3 On the next page there is a link you will want to click on that says “you can download a CSV here.” Disqus will then email you your export file within a few minutes. Step 4 Open up your CSV file in Excel. You will have to extract it. So I have noticed that some URLs do get changed to HTTPS during a migration, but others don’t. So you will want to do a “Find” in your spreadsheet and copy all the rows containing HTTP://
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