Email lists have never been more popular. Bringing in new visitors through search engines and link-building strategies is great, but your site and any revenue you hope to make from it will suffer if you don’t get those visitors to come back. Email lists are a great way to do that, and there are plenty of ways for you to increase your email subscribers on WordPress, but how do you make sure those subscribers you bring in stick around? Email segmentation. Email segmentation involves dividing your email list, and your blog’s audience in general, into different groups so you can optimize the types of content you send out to each group based on each group’s interest. Email segmentation is proven to have a positive effect on open rates, click rates, abuse rates and inscunscribe requests: The typical approach to email marketing is to attract new subscribers to email forms using opt-in incentives. But what do those subscribers typically do shortly after receiving their incentives? Unsubscribe. This is because site owners treat their subscribers as entire groups of people who all have the same interest when in reality their sites attract different groups of people with different interests. A
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