Just a few weeks before A Day of REST,  yesterday organizers of the conference Human Made released a white paper, Talking to 25 Percent of the Web, which takes an in-depth look at the REST API.

The paper was written by Tom Wilmot, CEO of Human Made, and Joe Hoyle, CTO Human Made in collaboration with Ryan McCue, co-lead of the WP REST API development team, WP REST API developer Daniel Bachhuber, and writer Siobhan McKeown. It covers everything from what the API is, to how it will change WordPress, to potential future challenges by applying knowledge that Human Made has gained through building and using the REST API directly.

“This white paper has allowed us to take what we’ve learned and share it with the community,” said Wilmot in a press release. “We hope that it will help educate WordPress developers and provide insight for people who may be considering building a project using the REST API.”

Talking to 25 Percent of the Web is for developers looking for a headless CMS or are interested in the challenges of the API. It’s also geared towards publishers looking to integrate the API into their workflow, agencies who need a simple way to explain it to clients, and project managers who are working on a project involving the API.

This free white paper is an excellent way to brush up on the API before A Day of REST, which will be held on Jan. 28 at Conway Hall in London. A Day of REST is the first conferenced to be entirely centered around the WP REST API. Speakers include people who helped build the API and are using it now.

Tickets for A Day of REST are still available!

Emily Schiola

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