This month, iThemes celebrates 8 years of business and serving you with some of the BIGGEST news I’ve ever shared. In 2010, when we first launched BackupBuddy, it was a game changer for WordPress, for you, and for us, primarily because nothing like it truly existed. BackupBuddy was the first plugin to give you an all-in-one solution to backup, restore and move WordPress sites with a few clicks. Since then, we continued to develop and push new features to BackupBuddy, helping make your life easier, while protecting your vital sites and content. Now … I’m excited to say, after months and months of hard work by our team, BackupBuddy will make yet another game changing splash as we release Stash Live in BackupBuddy 7.0, which all current customers with an active subscription will get. In fact, we think Stash Live will go down as one of the biggest launches we’ve had because of the awesome impact it’ll have for you, our awesome community. So I wanted to give you a glimpse into what is coming … What is Stash Live? Stash Live is a new real-time backup feature that will be included in BackupBuddy 7.0. Essentially, Stash Live is a new way to make automated daily backups in BackupBuddy that takes
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