Categories WordPressTags development, rest-api, php, ingot Over the last few months I’ve put a lot of time into writing Ingot — an automated A/B testing and conversion optimization plugin for WordPress. Because Josh, I did a lot of other things at the same time — but Ingot was my biggest project. Ingot is probably the biggest plugins, in terms of lines of PHP code, that I wrote. I’ve worked on bigger plugins, but never as the primary developer. Pods and Caldera Forms are bigger, but my contributions code-wise to those are not huge. For Ingot I wrote all of the PHP code. Roy Sivan helped me build the admin interface, which is an Angular app. He was also a valuable sounding board and bug catcher for the rest of the plugin. I wanted to share some of the lessons I learned, as a developer, writing a big plugin. Writing this plugin from scratch allowed me to put to test a lot of my personal opinions on WordPress development. I’m going to follow this article with one specifically about coding a plugin around the WordPress REST API and another with some lessons I learned as an entrepreneur from the process. Separations of Concerns Working with the WordPress REST API helps encourage separation
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