This week we cover 5 brand new Shiny Toys on the WordPress Plugin Directory that address Custom CSS, Testimonials, Events, and Social Share Buttons. It’s always interesting to me when several new things come out at the same time. It seems recently there’s been a slew of plugins dedicated to adding Custom CSS to your site. We’ll review one this week. This week we also see two new plugins that enable you to add testimonials to your site. Do plugin author’s review the Repo before they build their shiney new toys? I assume so. And I wonder what is provoking the development of these plugins in clusters like this. Is there a special need for Custom CSS that is unmet, or testimonials? Mysteries of the WP Universe, these are. Let’s kick off with the Custom CSS plugin: This plugin adds a simple but elegant text editor under your Appearance menu for the purpose of adding custom CSS to your website. It has a few different “themes” for the text editor so you can have your own look/feel and syntax highlighting. Unfortunately the theme setting didn’t save for me, hopefully that will be repaired soon. As with other Custom CSS plugins like this one, I think they really miss the mark. Just being able
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