Observing the constantly growing popularity of WordPress CMS, it is not surprising to see website owners converting their site into a WP powered site. If you are running an HTML website, and aiming to expand your business reach it is recommended that you should consider migrating your static site to WordPress platform. Doing so, will help you meet your growing business needs in the most efficient manner possible. When it comes to converting your static site to a WordPress site, keep three things in your mind: Choose a good and reliable hosting service provider that support PHP. You require a mysql database. Choose a database name, a username and and strong password for your database account. You might have to use a .htaccess file. Install WordPress in a Sub-folder Begin with installing WordPress into any sub-folder, let's say, /mycms. After completion of the WP installation, go to Settings -> Privacy. By default, in the privacy settings window you'll see that the option "allow search engines to index this site" is selected, uncheck this option and choose the second one (as shown in the screen shot below) so that search engines can't index your site, until you're not ready for moving
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