The whole collection of plugins from John James Jacoby’s Stuttter project is now available on Jacoby created Stuttter as “a conduit for rethinking WordPress from the outside in,” and started pushing the plugins to the official plugin directory a couple months ago. During the first half of 2015, he worked full-time on WordPress’ sister projects (BuddyPress, bbPress, and GlotPress), thanks to the successful funding of his independent IndieGoGo campaign. After completing this project, Jacoby returned to consulting via Flox where he had the chance to test and use the Stuttter plugins in production. “It’s a way to independently test the waters for what we can do with it [WordPress], without deviating from its history, beauty, charm, and chutzpah,” Jacoby said. “I was recently inspired by Jeremy Felt’s post about what he looks for in plugins that he would want to use. We’ve chatted about it before, and he finally put it into words. Stuttter sticks to those philosophies (no nags, no licenses, nothing to cut out, etc…),” he said. The new Stuttter profile on is home to 18 lean plugins, each carefully chiseled to do one thing well. “My end goal is to point most public
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