Want to lift your conversion rate in 20 minutes today? Take the 10-foot test and then take action. Here’s the test: Open up your site in a new browser window Head over to a product page Add the product to the cart You should be looking at your shopping cart page OK, now walk away from your computer When you’re about 10 feet away turn around and look at the screen Here’s the actual test: when looking at your shopping cart page from 10 feet away, is it blatantly obvious where you should click? If it is dead freakin obvious where you should click, then you passed the test. Congrats, now go make sure you pass the test for your other key pages such as the checkout page. If you can’t easily distinguish your “Proceed to Checkout” button from your “Continue Shopping” button from 10 feet away, you didn’t pass the test. But fear not fellow optimizer. We’re gonna fix that right up and I can guarantee your conversion rate will benefit from it. First, let’s look at a few examples that don’t pass the test: Notes on Nalgene - ALL the buttons are the same. The most important button should stand out BIG TIME. Notes on NewEgg - I don’t really know where to start on this one. The button is so far down
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