This post is part of an ongoing Good Client Guide series, which serves to demystify the web development process and empower consumers of web design (known to many in the industry as The Client™) to be an informed and effective partner in the process. The process of getting a website developed for your business is exciting. You’ve found someone to work with who fits your timing and budget, but more importantly seems to match the level of enthusiasm you have for solving your problem. They are working hard to provide you with a solution that fits your business needs and those of your audience, and you want to give them the information and support they need to succeed. After all, their success is your success too! The terminology of web development can seem like a whole other language. Even if your developer or designer is doing their best not to fill their speech with acronyms and jargon, there are still plenty of words you are going to encounter when having a conversation about your site. Words common to web design, web development, and WordPress specifically, some of which you may have seen before but not understand, and some which are completely foreign. I feel that it’s really important
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