We’re super-excited to present the results of the 2016 WPShout Hosting Review! The Hosting Review is an annual survey we conduct that gathers honest, unbiased thoughts from hundreds of real WordPress site owners about the hosting they’re using for their WordPress sites. We’ve collected this year’s results and analyzed them, and the results are below. Last year’s hosting review gave a picture of a highly competitive market whose lesser-known entrants often offered the best service. We’re really excited to update those results a year later. Methodology This year’s survey collects data in seven areas: Average satisfaction Value Reliability Speed Support Median site count Usability WordPress compatibility In each area, we asked for an overall 1-10 impression, as well as text comments. We also collected information on each plan’s monthly cost, the number of sites being hosted on the plan, and monthly traffic to the hosted sites. You can view the full survey form here. (You can still take the survey if you’d like to try it out, but results are no longer being collected.) We put out this year’s survey in September, and promoted it on our social media channels and through WordPress friends
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