It’s hard to believe but Ultimate Member turned 1 yesterday. The last year has flown by and whilst it has been a very successful first year for us, it has not been without its challenges. Let’s take a look back at everything that happened during 2015. Growth Launching Ultimate Member was scary, especially when the plan was for the plugin to provide a full-time income for two people. We didn’t have a mailing list, friends in the WordPress community or an established reputation to help us increase awareness of the plugin. We started from scratch. We had invested over six months into building the plugin and it would be a lie to say the first weeks and months of the plugin being on the repo were not stressful. Thankfully, Ultimate Member proved to be popular with WordPress users and it didn’t take long for us to get to an average new active installs of around 2000 a month. We ended the year with over 20,000 active installs. The Team For most of the year it was just Ahmed and me running the business by ourselves. This was fine to begin with but as our user base grew and more support tickets were submitted it became harder and harder to manage the plugin. So in October we decided to grow
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