For some time now has been the go-to solution for creating development environments that can be configured independantly of your machine and shared with a team. There are many benefits to using virtual machines over installing software directly on your local machine (as MAMP does for example): Software stacks are entirely independent from the machine you are working on. Software stacks can be shared with other people and be reproduced automatically with ease. Virtual machines can be started and stopped as required. Hosting environments become ephemeral and can be thrown away when no longer useful. It saves a lot of time. Over the last couple of years, however, a new kid on the block has been gaining traction. While Docker also runs on a virtual machine it works in a fundanmentally different way. In this post we’re going to look at the difference between Vagrant and Docker and show you how to set up a WordPress development site in each. Vagrant vs Docker – High Level Comparison Vagrant utilises a much simpler architecture than Docker. It uses virtual machines to run environments independent of the host machine. This is done using what is called “virtualization” software such as VirtualBox
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