Why we are inviting you. Bringing together talented and experienced BuddyPress developers is the first step towards building a solid foundation for our community. Through your Developer profile we’re giving you the tools to provide value to our community of site owners with minimum effort required from your end. As a developer you can.. – Create a public developer profile where you can list your work experience, availability and (budget) requirements. – Link up your personal or agency RSS feed with BuddyPress related content. Site owners can subscribe to feeds they want to follow. – Showcase your (Premium) Products in our curated repository of BuddyPress plugins and themes. – Engage with our community of site owners through our Q&A section. Think Stack Overflow for community building with BuddyPress. – Connect with fellow BuddyPress developers/freelancers/entrepreneurs via WeFoster.co & Slack. What’s expected of me? At the moment we are in early beta. Most of the functionality is in place and we are aiming for a launch in January. Until that time we only ask of you to fill in your developer profile so that you or your agency will be listed in our developer directory. That’s about it
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