WordPress developers generally suck at charging an honest fee for their service. Donald Trump’s statement that he pays $3 for website development just reinforced the assumption that building websites is dirt cheap. Heck, even I wrote an article about how WordPress professionals keep sabotaging their business with $3 maintenance contracts. The good news is that you know tech, and that gives you an upper hand. Your clients know that website management is a hassle. It takes expertise, and it takes time. That’s why they hire you. You’ve got the expertise, and with services like ManageWP you drastically cut down the time you spend on management. You don’t want them to know is that you’re cutting down that time with ManageWP – if they know you’re spending 2 hours per month instead of 6, they’d be less inclined to pay. So you use ManageWP’s White label tool to impress your client and charge the rate you deserve. Orion White label The White label tool lets you pick between two settings: rebrand or hide the ManageWP Worker plugin. Hiding a plugin is a pretty straightforward option: You don’t want your client to know that ManageWP exists, so you hide the plugin from the wp-admin dashboard. As
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