I remember the old days of the web. Before WordPress was even a thing, Web design was done from scratch– there was no 5-minute installation, there were no plugins, and there were no themes to choose from. Any dynamic parts of the website had to be specifically tailored for the client. Creating a website was costly, at least from a technical standpoint. Both the front-end and the admin area had to be coded from the ground up, the database had to be planned and implemented, and so on. Most web design firms would create their our content management systems to speed up this process, but it was still costly. Depending on the scale of the site, publishing a website could take months of work. Then CMS like WordPress came, and it all changed. Suddenly, it was easy to do web design. Turning web design into a commodity In just a decade, web design has gone from being a very exclusive profession, to something almost anyone can do. Nowadays, you can install WordPress, add some starter plugins for free, and then use a premium theme for a very reasonable cost. Then all you need to do is to start creating content. If you’re experienced, all of this can take just a single afternoon. The barrier to
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