WordPress at Scale Gathering best practices from the community to help developers and site owners find success in scaling WordPress. The Problem WordPress can scale; this is proven. But the expertise on exactly how to do so exists in silos, pockets, as quote-unquote "tribal knowledge". Many people who are new to WordPress (or new to the challenges of scaling) are uncertain, and it isn't easy to find correct answers through searching online. Mission This repository exists as a resource for any developer or site owner to learn about the challenges of scalability, and how they can be overcome using bulletproof industry standard approaches. It is meant to provide developers with architectural guidance for infrastructure and services, and to educate site owners so they can better evaluate their options. Contents The content is broken up into several pages to make it more easy to consume and share: Outline Elastic Architecture Page Caching Object Caching Query Performance Search Full Stack Diagram Development and Workflow Contributing Pull requests are welcome! The data collected here is the result of many years of work by many people, but there's always more to learn. Make a contribution,
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