It’s been interesting to compare theme review processes. Now it’s time to take closer look at theme review process. I’m lucky enough to have couple of themes in there and therefore have some insight information. Let’s talk about how you can get your themes in and what is the theme review process. How to get your themes on staff can pick free themes from the repository. But I don’t think they even ask you if you want your theme in They most likely pick themes that looks good and seems a good fit. So all you have to do is create awesome themes, review them first and send them to and hope for the best! What about commercial themes? There is submit your theme page but it was only open short time period, and the year was 2014. From my understanding new theme shops are only invited at the moment. They most likely check out theme shops from time to time and decide to invite new theme shops if they really really like your work. Or you can always contact them directly and let them know you’re the best of the best! By the way there are 181 commercial themes and 39 theme shops in It
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