In the WordPress plugin directory, you can find close to 200 plugins tagged “Translation”. In addition to these, you can add the ones that you can pay for. While some of these plugins offer a complete multilingual solution, others only have a specific task. In this article I analyze these plugins in a simple and practical manner, as well as the different ways that exist to design a multilingual website using WordPress. INDEX 1. WordPress contents: dynamic and static 2. I need a WordPress website in a particular language 2.2. In a language other than English 3. I need a WordPress website in several languages 3.3. Several individual installations of WordPress 4. Conclusions Introduction If you search in WordPress plugin repository using the tag “translation”, approximately 200 plugins will show up, not counting the additional plugins you would have to add that you can pay for. If out of these 200 plugins I eliminate those that are simply extensions of other plugins or old plugins that have gone years without being updated, I would be left with a list of about 50, all of which have some distinct functions: About 10 are used to insert a widget that allows you machine translation Around
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