Based on customer feedback,we built a hybrid Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template to automate creating WordPress applications running on Azure App Service Web Apps,backed by a MySQL database cluster,running on Azure Virtual Machines. We are excited to announce the launch of this template in the Azure Marketplace. Here are properties of this template: CentOS 6.6 are used for Azure virtual machines to host MySQL 5.6 server GTID-based replication is configured and tested Provisions a two-node MySQL master slave configuration in an Azure VNet where each has two data disks striped into Raid0, both Standard and Premium storage are supported A load balancer is provisioned in front of the two VMs so the VMs are not directly exposed to the internet; MySQL and SSH ports are exposed through the load balancer using Network Security Group rules Configures a HTTP-based health probe for each MySQL instance that can be used to monitor MySQL health The following diagram illustrates the deployment architecture on Azure for this solution template. If you are looking for a fast approach to bring open source based data solutions to market, check out our FREE trial and explore the various solutions in the
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