Over the years, a WordPress premium product space has emerged and grown into a massive industry. Many people are able to make their living through sold plugins and themes. Some even make plugins that extend other plugins. For example, many customers at Maintainn use WooCommerce. To tailor WooCommerce to fit their needs, they use a variety of premium extensions, like extra payment gateways to help their customers make purchases. Others may buy extensions for inventory management, report generating, or extra shipping methods. There is a wide variety of products available for WooCommerce, and the options allow customers to pay only for what they need and want. Devolopers will continue to develop and support their product. This development is through bug fixes, security updates, and new functionality. Many attempt to prevent piracy by using a license system for their products. Often, the licenses are not to unlock functionality, but to enable the site owner to receive released updates and support. The behavior of the product, when an update is available, will vary. Some will not inform you that there is an update available, while others will. If the product does inform you, then not having
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