Installment number 5 brings a wide variety of useful tools this week. Over the last week, the Plugin Directory added an additional 214 new plugins. That might be a record for this year. We’re going to start tracking weekly additional plugins more closely for here on out but 214 is quite a jump from the 179 that Devin reported last week. Also, the plugins we’ve been reviewing have had some good momentum. Social Pug continues to do really well with 600+ Active installs and over 2,800 downloads. But two that Devin covered last week really dominated. Imagify — in just one week — already has 1,000+ Active Installs and over 3,000 downloads. That’s also quite a downloads-to-installs ratio! 3-to-1 is quite an achievement particularly for a plugin that is primarily a connector for a SaaS platform. Addons for Visual Composer also reached 400+ Active Installs and over 1,500 downloads in just one week. OK. Let’s jump into this week. I still believe that 404 pages are a missing link in typical WordPress sites. 404’s are really common with WordPress because of how quickly sites can be indexed combined with how easily we might change a slug or delete a page or post without taking the steps to make
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