In 2015 we have published a business recap of 2014 in SpinPress that described the main valuable lessons we’ve learned as a WordPress agency while growing. We faced some serious challenges in 2014 that taught us a lot, we took some important notes and restructured our process in order to keep doing what we love and growing steadily. It’s early 2016 now and our team of over 20 people is actively working on several high-end projects, helping businesses with WordPress development, business growth, systems architecture, marketing and creative work, delivering great results and maintaining a good portfolio of ongoing projects. That was possible thanks to some new lessons that we’ve learned over the past year, and we’d like to share them with our fellow WordPress consultants and agencies striving to grow, build diverse distributed teams and work with incredible clients across the world. There’s much more planned for 2016, and some ideas will work while others won’t, which is why we’re looking forward to the next challenges to be tackled over the coming year. Stay tuned, and in the meantime, here is what helped us improve our business and team growth so far. 1. Proposal Templates and Sales
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