Twitter is one of the most important social media platforms of them all. To say the least, it helps us promote whatever we might have “in store.” I mean, there’s hardly a successful business out there with no presence on Twitter whatsoever. Now, having an official account and posting to it regularly seems to be enough. However, there’s actually a lot more that can be done to multiply the results, and with relatively little effort on our part too. Here’s our guide on how to integrate Twitter with your WordPress site. I go over each of the possible methods and give you a quick tutorial on how to get all of them working: 1. How to auto-tweet new blog posts To start with, how about we integrate Twitter with WordPress and set up your site in a way so it tweets your every new post automatically? For that, you can use the WP to Twitter plugin. Once you have it installed, create a quick Twitter app, complete the required fields, browse through each tab to set the plugin the way you want, and save the changes. Now, whenever you create a new post, you’ll notice a Twitter box in the right sidebar. It allows you to adjust the exact tweet that will go out when you publish the post: This makes for
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