Earlier this year, WordPress passed the 24% mark, running almost a quarter of all websites — and for good reason. It has a loyal user base and scores of dedicated developers who bring better features to the system year round. This article is for those of you who either are new to WordPress or are regular users who want to learn about the best way to run a WordPress website. We’ll be learning about working with domains, installing WordPress, managing content and using great plugins and themes to secure our website and make our content shine. I want to stress the same thing as I do when writing code-heavy articles: If you don’t understand everything here fully, don’t sweat it! Nothing is particularly difficult, but there is a lot to take in. We’ve all been there, we’ve all been confused by this stuff before. Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet and experiment; that’s how all of us learn about WordPress! This article will be quite lengthy, so I thought it would be easier for you to see what we’ll be talking about in advance. If you already know about some of these, use it as navigation to skip to the parts you’re interested in. All About Domain Names The domain name identifies your website
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