Every Tuesday, Maintainn does routine plugin updates for our customers. This is one of the services we offer, and one reason they sign up for our services in the first place. They know a WordPress professional is available to keep their site up-to-date and secure. Because of this schedule, we read a lot of changelogs every week. We need to see what has changed in your plugin so we can update without issue. Some changelogs are well done and do a good job providing the necessary information, while others are not always so good, which makes it difficult to update with absolute confidence. I am going to go through what I feel helps make a quality changelog. Here’s a little bit on how to create a changelog that will instill confidence in users so they can apply your new update without fear. These are not requirements by any means, but something to consider: When the plugin received an update Providing the date that the plugin received an update can aid site developers. They will be able to see how active the plugin is in development. This can be valuable information for decision making about whether to seek alternatives that are current with the latest version of WordPress. If your plugin
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