Every so often, somebody writes a post claiming something is dead. Email is dead. SEO is dead. Facebook is dead. Web Design has not been spared, and we’ve seen bold claims of the imminent death of web design on Mashable. They claim that ready-made themes are killing the industry: “Most of the content that you see on the web today is run by some framework or service — WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, you name it. Frameworks provide you a foundation and shortcuts so you spend less time struggling with the creation of a web site, and more time creating content. As a consequence of the ubiquity of these frameworks, a whole world of free and paid templates lets you get started with a professional-looking design in minutes.” They feel threatened by the sheer number of themes available. Since it is “easy” to setup a website and a ready-made theme – anybody can do it. I beg to differ. If you’re threatened by platforms like WordPress and ready-made themes, I hate to break it to you – but you’re doing web design wrong. You’re missing a fundamental piece of providing any service. You’re not providing enough value to the client. WordPress Theme Companies and Marketplaces While there will always be a
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