For the last few months, I’ve been writing extensively about two related, but seemingly contradictory points: the first is that learning a JavaScript MVC framework doesn’t equal learning JavaScript deeply. The second is that AngularJS is amazing — I love it and so should you. If you want to learn JavaScript deeply, take a course, read a book, and study the language. If you want to build something cool quickly learn Angular. But don’t skip learning the JavaScript basics. I think learning Angular is pretty easy, but that’s because I understand JavaScript fundamentals. If you’re new to JavaScript, then this article isn’t for you. For everyone else, here is my quick guide to getting started with AngularJS and the WordPress REST API. AngularJS consumes RESTful APIs such as the WordPress REST API. To learn Angular, you need to understand your API, be it WordPress’s or some other API. I actually got started with Angular by playing with Firebase’s API and their Angular client. Firebase is a really cool service. Once you understand Angular basics, you should read Roy Sivan’s Torque article on using Firebase in WordPress. Angular is about more than just APIs. To get started, you should forget
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