I wouldn’t be surprised if most WordPress users imagine their Media Library as being no different than a teenagers closet: A giant pile of disorganization, a haystack housing thousands of needles. You might have said, “Why doesn’t my Media Library use folders like everything else in my digital life?” There are many reasons, but properly adjusting yourself to use the Media Library will improve your workflow and make your website more searchable and accessible. If you are like me, on your work computer you have file cabinets and a folder structure that you’ve organized for your exact workflow. It’s intuitive (to you), clean, and organized. You’re confident that if a total stranger walked into your office, you could ask them to find a file on your computer, and they’d know exactly where to find it. Then, you come home and you couldn’t find the deed to your home if your life depended on it. Sheesh! It’s a mess. Sometimes you wish you could just say the words “house deed” and it would glow or tweet to give you a clue as to its location. A simple Google search for “digital file management” will reveal articles mostly focused on managing your media just like your home file structure, naturally,
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